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Kings Valley MX Series
Romantic Suspense


Kings Valley MX Series Book One

She'll defy all authority to prove her brother is innocent of murder.

He'll stand beside her at all costs to win her back.

Anniston King has spent her entire life around motocross bikes on her family's MX training facility in Western North Carolina. But after her father's horrific crash, she vowed never to ride again. Walking away from the sport also meant walking away from her boyfriend, pro-racer, Haemon Diakos.

After her brothers are no-shows at a Supercross race in Atlanta, one of them is suspected of murder while the other lies comatose in a hospital. Anniston refuses to accept that Patrick is guilty. As the evidence against him mounts, his teammate Haemon might be the only other person who believes Anniston. Or maybe he's deluded by love.

Together they search for the truth of what really happened on the road to Atlanta... unaware that someone is watching.

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Kings Valley MX Series Book Two


She lost a sister. He lost his brother. They both have reason to hate. But can they find common ground to love?

A conspiracy gone bad took the lives of their loved ones, and now Dayani Ramsey and Elliot King both have reason to want to see the person responsible pay. Their paths intersect at the moment it appears their enemy has gotten away with his deeds. Someone else is out for revenge, however, and a shooting on the courthouse steps sends everyone running for cover. 

Yet that moment, when their eyes met, lit a fragile flame in the midst of the darkness, and when they run into each other again at an unlikely place, neither Elliot nor Dayani can deny the attraction.  Will Elliot be able to forgive himself for his unwitting role in his brother's death enough to make any relationship possible? Will the secret Dayani harbors spell the end to anything she might find with Elliot before it's even begun?

Not if the shooter has anything to say about it.

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Kings Valley MX Series Companion Book

Life doesn't stop moving when the FBI brings a massive manhunt to a small, mountain community. 

Tragedy occurs on the mountain path dubbed Enduro Ridge, and a young dirt bike rider must fight for his life. Rookie Deputy Scarlett Brewer has a heart for the youngest victims, and the injured boy's little sister has convinced her that the accident might be something more. While the Sheriff is involved with press conferences for the high profile manhunt, Scarlett searches for clues on a rocky mountain trail. 

Kaden Robbins knows the dangers of riding on two wheels, and he sees no reason to believe that what happened on Enduro Ridge was more than rider error or grievous chance. As he waits for help to come for the injured boy, the last person he expects to see scaling the mountain trail is the girl from high school that everyone loved to taunt... now in a position of authority. 

The eyes of the nation are focused on Cherokee County, North Carolina, while beyond the camera lenses life goes on and greed and betrayal are counterpoints to family devotion and the dawning of love.

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